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Mahatma Yoga 

Understanding the Spirituality behind 
Gandhiji’s Politics

by Dr. Sriram Vajapeyam
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   Whence Mahatma Yoga?                                        11
   Hinduism: The Well-Spring of Gandhiji's Spirituality       23
   Spiritual Eclecticism: Gandhiji's Approach to Religion      37
   Gandhiji's Interpretation of Hinduism                         51
   Principles of Action and Liberation: Karma and Moksha   62
   Four Personality Types: Varnaashrama Dharma             66
   Royal Path to Salvation: Raaja Yoga                         96
   Non-Violence: The Path of Ahimsa                           107     
   Truth: Adherence to Sathya                                  135     
 Means and Ends:Karma and Karma-Phala                   144
 The Final Reckoning                                            159
 And Yet, a Mahatma!                                          174
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