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Understanding the Spirituality behind Gandhiji’s Politics

                                                                                                           by Dr. Sriram Vajapeyam    

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Gandhi Jayanti, 2-October-2020

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The 2020 covid pandemic would have made us all step back a bit and think about the place of our professional work in the larger context of life. One man who seamlessly and famously integrated his professional work with larger life goals was Mahatma Gandhi. What were his life goals? How correct was Gandhiji’s integration of his life goals with his politics? Was the integration successful? Read this book to delve into these questions..

 This book is an offshoot of a very rare opportunity that I had, that of conversing with a 3-decades-long associate of Mahatma Gandhi -- Pt. Sudhakar Chaturvedi, who was a scholar of Hindu scriptures and a centenarian -- to get his first-hand insights of Mahatma Gandhi.