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Mahatma Yoga

Readers’ Comments

    "Overall a good and much needed effort especially in these times where unfortunately there is no acceptance or even criticism of Gandhiji's teachings."                                                     - Reader#1          

    "It's a great attempt to understand the Mahatma from different perspectives."                                                  - Reader#2

    "I just finished reading it. Completed it over 2-3 sittings. Well researched and well written. Congratulations on thinking on such a complex matter and willing to pen down your understanding and interpretations of it. Not everyone may agree with the conclusions but it is a job well done."     
                                                                - Reader#3

    "I felt elevated with the scholarship, the precision and the clarity of thoughts throughout the book and frankly feel envious of both the content and  the structured presentation you have put through!! let me convey my sincere appreciation for the incisive and scholarly work that you have put forth. Congratulating you on a brilliant piece of work."              - Reader#4



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